HopeFull delivers hope to 
war-torn, disaster-struck and disadvantaged communities by serving up a simple meal with warmth and compassion.


HopeFull originally started out as the charity, Siobhan’s Trust.

Siobhan’s Trust was set up back in 2020 to commemorate the life of Siobhan Dundee, by supporting young people and the community in and around the Dundee area in Scotland.

When Ukraine was invaded in February 2022, the charity quickly re-focused activity on supporting those impacted by the war. As the conflict continued and its work became more and more critical, HopeFull became the charity’s new name, to better reflect its passion, purpose and long-term vision.

Today the HopeFull team continue to provide a slice of hope and pizza to those in desperate need and, whilst that’s currently in Ukraine, will mobilise as and where needed.

The work of Siobhan’s Trust will continue back in Scotland and be run by the immediate family of Siobhan Dundee.


We started just days after the invasion began, setting up on the Polish-Ukranian border, before venturing out across the whole country, seeking out where the need was highest.

We have a permanent site based in Lviv from where we run daily trips to a single, or multiple, locations, covering approximately 200 kilometres around areas of internally displaced people. Once the Russians invaded the East, frightened Ukrainians fled far and wide and a huge number of refugees fled to the West of the country, around Lviv, where they are now forced to take refuge. We are there for them.

As well as the Lviv operation we have a roving operation based across the East and the South of Ukraine. We have set up mobile stations (usually set up for three or four days at a time) in Kharkiv, Odesa, Izium, Kherson, Zaporizhzhia and many other small towns and villages often close to the front line.

Every day of the year, come rain, shine or snow and whatever the temperature ... be it -20C or + 35C ... we are there serving pizza, fruit, coffee, hot chocolate and Coca-Cola to people all over the country. Whether they be in refugee centres, orphanages, hospitals, decimated homes or just forgotten villages all across Ukraine ... we will be there offering love, friendship and just the hope and belief that the world is with them. It's very special.


pizzas served


sites visited across Ukraine


volunteers, with 97 returning for two or more trips


kilometres travelled by our team



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